YIELD Project – Movin’ Groovin’ Mason City

This year’s YIELD (Youth Investing Energy in Leadership Development) class is looking
to brighten up Mason City with some new artwork, while also encouraging residents
and visitors to get out and move more. They are creating interactive sidewalk paintings
throughout the city in a project named “Movin’ Groovin’ Mason City!”

The YIELD group researched other communities with similar programs to see what types of paintings to include in the city. They also considered what designs (hopscotch, dance steps, obstacle course, etc.) to use, based on location. Students contacted local paint suppliers for
recommendations on the materials needed and received estimates for the cost of the items.
Students will meet with city officials, organizations, business owners, and numerous boards of directors to obtain necessary permission to complete the project.
Students will have all plans complete prior to the New Year, but will not paint until Spring
2019. In May, students will contact local media outlets to create awareness of their project
and encourage community members to get out, move more, and utilize the new sidewalk

The YIELD class is excited to bring more energy and excitement to Mason City, while also
encouraging others to live a healthier lifestyle.

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