LNI Lullaby Lane Service Project

In recent years, the Leadership North Iowa (LNI) group has completed a community impact project as part of their program curriculum. Facilitated by the Mason City Chamber of Commerce, LNI provides leadership training for up-and-coming business people from the North Iowa area. This year’s class has invested their time into a meaningful memorial project. Participants are raising funds and coordinating the construction of Lullaby Lane, a prayer pathway in Lullaby Land at Elmwood Cemetery.

Lullaby Land is a designated section in Mason City’s Elmwood Cemetery where children lost to miscarriages less than 20 weeks are laid to rest. LNI participants are working to construct a paver pathway to lead up to the current memorial headstone in Lullaby Land. LNI and the Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa’s Fetal and Infant Loss Bereavement Committee are partnering in this project as an effort to help those grieving the loss of a child. Parents who lose a child to miscarriage will have the option of having their child’s name and date of loss engraved on a paver to be installed in the pathway.

“Fetal loss and miscarriage is a tragedy that affects many of us. We hope these families can feel the support of our community and know that we will work hard for them to have this piece of comfort during their difficult time,” said OB/GYN Dr. Jonna Quinn, who participates with both LNI and the bereavement committee.

In order to complete a project of this scale, the class is seeking monetary donations. Donations of all sizes are appreciated and will help cover cost of the materials and installation of the pathway. Sponsors of the Lullaby Lane project will receive recognition based on their donation level. If enough funds are raised to support the project, the goal is to have Lullaby Lane completed by October 2016 for National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. A dedication ceremony will be held at Elmwood Cemetery’s Lullaby Land at that time.

For questions regarding donations, please contact the Mercy Foundation at 641.428.7740. All other inquires concerning construction and project details may be directed to the Mason City Chamber of Commerce at 641.423.5724 or chamber@masoncityia.com.

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