A Message from Chamber President Robin Anderson

We believe democracy works best when everyone participates. If you are eligible to vote and you haven’t already, we encourage you to do so.

Our region is successful because we work well with one another and respect one another. Our different perspectives make us stronger. As a result of the pandemic and expected record voter turnout, it will likely take longer for election officials to count ballots and verify results—and that’s OK. When election officials take the time to count and verify every ballot, that’s a sign that our democracy is working. Democracy is worth the wait.

Americans are voting in record numbers, and we’ll need to wait patiently for the results. We recognize this has been a contentious election, and that each of us will process the results differently. Let’s recommit to our collective core values of collaboration, inclusion, and respect to ensure our workplaces are supportive and free from political bias.

As we wait for the results, let’s do our best to be thoughtful in our conversations with colleagues and acknowledge the differing opinions within our workplaces. And while it’s important to be kind to others, please be kind to yourself as well—there’s an awful lot going on. To protect your mental well-being AND remain safe from COVID-19, we hope you’ll take breaks, take walks, and find ways to connect with those around you.

Let’s work toward unity and build a strong future…together. #NorthIowaStrong

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