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About Leadership North Iowa

For the past 37 years, the Mason City Chamber of Commerce has provided leadership training for up-and-coming business people from the North Iowa area. In addition to skill development, Leadership North Iowa (LNI) participants meet well-established business owners and have the opportunity to pick their brains concerning best practices.
First and foremost, this program exposes participants to all North Iowa has to offer. At the same time, our goal is to engage Leadership North Iowa participants and alumni—to connect them to our community and to each other. LNI graduates are high-potential prospects that are well-poised to play a more prominent role in the community.
This can and does take many forms. For some, it may be the call to action to run for elective office. For others, participation may ignite the desire to seek an appointment to local government boards and commissions. It may provide the foundation to volunteer at a church or service club. It might even help people to assert themselves more in their place of work. Whichever direction our alumni choose to go, we know that Leadership North Iowa is often credited as the catalyst for becoming more actively involved in something they care about.

Service Project

For decades, sociologists have detailed the decline of America's civic engagement. They assert that American adults have gradually withdrawn from political and religious participation, lack significant workplace connections, and refrain from "neighboring".

Our LNI participants engage in new forms of "connecting" activities that are relevant to our present and future. The activities they chose as Community Impact Projects will encourage their fellow citizens to spend more time in active connection.


Tuition for LNI is $395 for Chamber members or $500 for nonmembers, and includes $50 toward a service club membership of choice, instruction fees, materials, refreshments, and graduation reception. Tuition may be paid by the employer, sponsoring organizations, or by the participant.

Time Commitment

Each participant is expected to attend class sessions held every Thursday from January 7 – March 25 with a graduation ceremony on April 1, 2021.


Due to limited enrollment capacity, applicants are encouraged to register early to ensure acceptance into the program. Registration for the 2022 program will be posted in November.

Please contact Allyson with any questions.

2021 Class Schedule


For more information about LNI and each of the graduates, check out the Leadership Series publication by the Globe Gazette, featuring the 2020 Leadership North Iowa graduates.

Thank you to our LNI Sponsors!





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