Mask of Wellness Initiative

‘Mask of Wellness’ is a positive movement to support and promote ‘Covid-Conscious’ businesses. Businesses can sign up and self-certify at, pledging that they will take three simple actions to maintain the safety of employees and customers of their establishments:

  • MASKS: Masks worn by every employee in all shared areas of the work environment.
  • HYGIENE: Practice personal, surface, and distance hygiene.
  • HEALTH: Conduct daily health self-certification.

The ‘Mask of Wellness’ program is provided to businesses at no cost. Once they self-certify, businesses can download a free toolkit with engaging ‘Mask of Wellness’ graphics, content, and materials to promote the safety steps they are taking to operate as a ‘Covid-Conscious’ business. In turn, this provides comfort and confidence to customers and employees. The ‘Mask of Wellness’ program is available to anyone – business owners, chambers of commerce, public health and economic development organizations, CEOs, HR, consumers – and takes less than a minute to sign up.

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