About The Chamber

The mission of the Mason City Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote progressive community and economic development to benefit Chamber members and the North Iowa region.

We are a membership-based organization over 650 strong whose members provide more than 16,000 jobs in the region. We work for the success of our members, and we strive to promote and educate to ensure the future growth of North Iowa. We are also proud to be members of a number of state and national organizations to better serve our members.

Located in North Central Iowa, our community has something to offer everyone. A strong network is in place between the City of Mason City, the Chamber of Commerce, and the North Iowa Corridor Economic Development Corporation to help make Mason City a great place to do business. Mason City is the home to several national retail stores, major hotels, Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, as well as locally-owned businesses and a regional airport.



Our vision is grounded in our mission: to promote progressive community and economic development to benefit Chamber members and the North Iowa Region. To this end, we challenge ourselves to paint a picture of the region we want to be: a place with well-designed community programs and economic development best practices that assist free enterprise to create jobs and prosperity.

Tomorrow’s headlines will be the product of actions we’re taking today behind the scenes to keep North Iowa vibrant. We’ll work to establish programs and policies to:

  • Allow businesses to grow and thrive.
  • Free businesses from excessive taxes, unnecessary regulations, and onerous local government processes.
  • Focus government on the critical tasks that are the foundation of economic opportunity, such as infrastructure and protective services.
  • Help educate, cultivate, and equip the next generation of young entrepreneurs and the workforce of the future.


The Mason City Chamber of Commerce provides leadership on key issues and strategic policy recommendations to stimulate economic growth in North Iowa. Such growth is achieved by creating an environment conducive to business success—which leads to job expansion and increased state and local revenues.

In addition, the Chamber provides two signature programs with a rich tradition of helping to shape future leaders. Leadership North Iowa has been training young professionals in the region for more than 30 years. Our high school youth leadership program, YIELD, has been offered in partnership with the Mason City Youth Task Force for more than a decade. Both are well-regarded throughout the United States and have become models for similar programs. People who commit to our leadership programs are difference-makers; our loyal sponsors and supporting businesses are a strong testament to their effectiveness.


The Mason City Chamber of Commerce is a 501c6 organization. We are non-partisan, but we do take positions on issues at the local, state, and federal level to stimulate economic growth opportunities for local business. We challenge our elected officials to be responsible stewards of taxpayer money, and to invest in programs and policies that will enable North Iowa to grow.

Our Legislative Agenda is guided by the following principles:

  • We believe our region needs strategic, aggressive, forward-thinking policies and programs that stimulate strong economic growth and result in additional jobs, and as a consequence, increased revenue for government.
  • We support a regulatory and tax climate conducive to making North Iowa competitive in attracting business expansion opportunities and fostering the growth of new and existing business.
  • We support streamlined governments at all levels that are efficient, cost-effective, and responsive to business needs by finding ways to use tax dollars more wisely while improving services.
  • We support an ongoing, sustainable funding mechanism for building and rebuilding infrastructure and amenities to improve the quality of life in North Iowa.

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